How do I reserve a table?

There’s a big ol’ button on the homepage that says RESERVE A TABLE.¬†Click it.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, but it’s pretty relaxed. We don’t allow alcohol branded T-shirts or singlets, and if you’re one of the beautiful people who booked in the VIP area we’d be thrilled if you tried to look the part.

Isn’t Uluwatu a really long way away?

Well that depends where you’re start from of course, but no matter where you’re staying you can’t come to Bali without experiencing Uluwatu. Whether it’s to surf the famous lefts, soak up the magic of the cliffs on sunset, or visit one of Bali’s biggest temples (and its hordes of cheeky monkeys) it’s simply a trip you have to take. Make a day or night of it, and with a bit of planning, a few friends, a couple of cold drinks and a driver who knows the way you’ll be at Bali’s most southern point in no time, wondering why you were ever hesitant in the first place.

Can I pay with card?

During the day, sure. After dark and on Sundays everyone’s life is a lot easier if you bring some cash with you. Terima kasih!

Do you have WiFi?

We do, even though there’s nothing worse than seeing a table of friends playing on their phones, If you really do need to swipe right you can ask the friendly staff for the password. If your on the gram add us @singlefin_bali, post your best ever sunset shot, #singlefinbali is our hashtag if you want to be really cool, we may just re-post your shot and get you a couple more followers #omg. If you plan on sitting there watching videos, spare a thought for the 1499 other guests when your slowing down the speed. #waittillyougetbacktothevilla

Those lights on the horizon, that’s Lombok/Java/Australia/Tasmania, right?

If it helps you win points with the beautiful stranger you just met then sure, why not? Otherwise they’re just fishermen going fishing in fishing boats.

Do your DJs take requests?

They love it!* Just ask them!

* We’re joking. DJs love drinks though, maybe take them one of those instead of spending five unsuccessful minutes pleading for your favourite Iggy Azalea track